What information do I need to place an ad?

The more information about your car you can put into your ad, the more effective your ad will be with any potential buyers, so don’t hold back.

Before you even start creating the ad, make sure you have the following items ready:

- A valid email address, so that we can send your password;

- The year, make and model of your car, e.g. 2007 Nissan XTrail ST-L (you’ll find detailed information in your vehicles paperwork ); 

 - A mobile or home phone which we can contact to verify you are a real person;

- Registration information (and if you can, your Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN);

- Current odometer reading;

- Up to 20 digital photos of your car (from lots of different angles, both inside and outside).  The first three images are free so if you are posting a free ad try and have 3 different angles and at least 1 internal image;

- A valid credit card or Paypal logins for purchasing upgrades, if you wish.


Click here to create your ad in 3 easy steps!


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