Will it be safe to sell my car online?

On the whole, selling a car online is an easy and safe process. But you should always beware of scammers who try to use the anonymous environment of the internet to rip people off. There are a few must do’s to ensure your safety:

  • Never send money, credit card details or your (bank) account details to anyone you do not know or trust. If it seems too good to be true – it usually is
  • If using Paypal – ensure the transaction/payment into your account is recorded is showing up in your actual (PayPal) account and not just confirm payment from receipts provided from buyer
  • Remember - CarsGuide.com.au is not related to any 3rd party escrow companies – no matter what the organisation says on their website or emails. If unsure please Contact us to triple check.
  • Contact us if you believe that you have been contacted by a fraudulent buyer, or if you see anything suspicious.

For more information, check out our Latest Fraud Advice.

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