How can I pay for my ad?

So you've purchased the Premium or Enhanced Package/s - well done, you won't regret it!

To complete your purchase, we accept payment VISA and MasterCard, as well as PayPal.  

To pay with Credit Card, simply enter your card details and then click 'Submit Payment'

If you prefer to pay with Paypal, then click on the Paypal tab, and then 'Pay with Paypal'.  This will redirect you the Paypal Login Page.


Once you've completed your payment, we will include the paid invoice at the bottom of your ad confirmation email. The subject line will be 'Your ad has been published'.


One more thing...  The transaction on your bank statement will show 'One Way Traffic' - that's us!  


NB: Once the ad has made it through our moderation process successfully the payment will be ‘captured’ from the bank account. If the advertisement is not successfully submitted then the authorised payment will not be taken out of your account and will be re-issued within 30 days.

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