What's the difference between 'New in Stock', 'New Available to Order' and 'New Car Deal'?

In order to offer buyers the best range of vehicles, Carsguide offer two types of New Cars.

New Cars in Stock: These information on the ads come directly from the dealer.  They are in stock which means if you contact the dealership this car should be available as advertised.


New Available to Order: this is a catalogue of new vehicles available to order in Australia.  The information on these ads are sent by each manufacturer, and whilst they are not currently in stock at your local dealership, you can get more information or a firm price by completing the enquiry form.  The enquiry form includes a postcode field, which helps us locate your nearest Carsguide dealer (and send the enquiry to them).


New Car Deals: If Carsguide are aware of any special deals relating to particular new cars, we'll flag them so buyers are aware.  These offers can relate to finance, complimentary extras etc.  The information does come to us from a third party, so it's best to confirm it's validity with the dealer before making a purchase.

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